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KTM 525 EXC Dual Sport Parts List         

As with any project involving motorcycles, making the 525 a capable dual sport machine can be an expensive proposition.  There are a ton of aftermarket accessories out there to choose from -- some are indispensable, some are simply nice to have.  But you're looking at more than $3,000 above the cost of the bike to complete the list. 

We're aiming for the middle of the road -- outfitting the bike with just enough parts to make it complete without going hog-wild on every accessory out there. The following image highlights those products that we're looking to add:

Adding these parts will turn your 525 EXC into a capable dual sport machine that will blast through even the toughest trails while being able to handle moderate stretches of highway miles.

Here's the same list, including approximate costs:

Dual sport kit (lights, turn signals, horn, etc.) from BajaDesigns.com

Oil cooler kit from HT-Racing.com

DS Mirror and mount from BajaDesigns.com

Desert tank - 3.2 gal - from Clarkemfg.com

Skid plate from Flatland Racing

DOT knobbies from swmototires.com

          Rear - Pirelli MT21 140/80-18

          Front - Pirelli MT21 90/90-21

More comfortable seat from Corbin

Large fender bag dirt-bike-gear.com

Rear fuel tank - 1.1 gal - from BajaDesigns.com













Here's a summary of what all that hard-earned money just bought you:
  Stock EXC Project 525
Total fuel capacity 2.3 gal 4.3 gal
Average range 80 miles 160 miles
Oil capacity 1200cc (1.27 qts) 2000cc (2.1 qts)
Street legal? No Yes
Highway ability Limited Moderate
Buttockular discomfort Severe Much better
Storage space None Enough
Engine protection None Enough
Fun factor Incredible Incredible x2

The bottom line is, take a kick-ass bike that's tons-o-fun, throw a wad of cash at it, and you'll get
a kick-ass bike that's tons-o-fun for twice the distance (including some highway miles).