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DS Adventure's 525 Project         

One of the outstanding things about dual sport riding is that the trail and the terrain are always changing.  One of the most challenging things about dual sport riding is that the trail and the terrain are always changing.  Thus the never-ending search for "the perfect" dual sport bike.  (But let's just put this to bed right now -- the perfect DS bike doesn't exist, and chances are it never will.)  Because no one bike can be the "best" for everything from high speed dirt roads to rough single-track to stretches of highway, we simply have to select the most appropriate bike for the majority of the terrain we'll be covering. 

  • If that happens to be a mix of highway/dirt roads, bikes like the KTM 950 and BMW 1200GS are great choices.

  • If that happens to be smooth dirt roads and some rougher jeep trails, bikes like the 640 Adventure and XR650L will do nicely. 

  • But if the majority of the riding will be on rough jeep trails and a lot of single track (with a little pavement mixed in), the choices become more limiting.

We're looking to fix that...

That's not to say that you can't take bikes like the 640 Adventure or DR650 on single track (believe us, we've done plenty of it).  But it's a lot of work. When you're doing stretches of single track or deep sandy washes, it's simply a lot more fun to be on a lighter bike that was built for trail riding.  Thus the idea of taking a KTM 525 EXC and turning it into a proper dual sport bike for when the trail turns rough. 

This page will highlight a new project bike, where we'll take a KTM 525 EXC and outfit it with all the parts and accessories to accomplish this goal.  Here's a list of what we'll be adding to the project bike:

  • Dual sport kit (lighting, turn signals, horn, etc.) to make it street legal

  • Oil cooler with extra capacity (to allow the bike to do some highway miles without excessive wear on the engine and transmission)

  • More comfortable seat

  • Ability to carry some gear

  • Protection accessories (skid plate, hand guards, etc.)

  • Larger fuel tank

  • Rear fuel tank

  • GPS mount

  • DOT knobbies

  • More!

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