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Lake Elsinore Grand Prix

You gotta love the Elsinore Grand Prix.  Where else can a bunch of average joes on their average bikes get together and race through city streets and hills?  To celebrate this last bastion of racing freedom, two members of our group decided to give the big race a go this year. Madman Motozilla (Paul) took his GS and Carl entered his LC4. 

To show our support (and get in on some of the good riding around Lake Elsinore), the rest of us packed up our bikes and all headed over for the big race weekend.     

Every RV should
come with a GS...
Dave's toy hauler
packed to the gills
Setting up camp
at the lake
Nice collection of bikes  

Saturday started off with a two-hour practice session on the track.  Paul put the finishing touches on his GS (removing various components and putting a 21" up front) and we rode over to the starting line.  (Editor's note: I was really impressed with how the Elsinore police department handled the event. The rules were relaxed a bit, and bikers of all kinds were zooming around doing fun stuff downtown that would normally bring about a serious fine or two.  No-one was hurt off of the track, and the atmosphere was nothing but fun.)

Race prepping the GS Installing the 21" front Start of the
practice race
Talking about standing out from the crowd Carl getting into
the groove
Pushing the GS Back side of the track Relaxing on an after - practice ride A preview to the race? The wheel is about
2' off the ground

That night, Jimmy Lewis and a few of his friends showed up at the campfire for a nice evening of the usual biker BS.  Because the main race event didn't start until 1:00 pm on Sunday, we decided to head out on a local ride the next morning to start the day off right. It was quite a treat to watch Jimmy take his GS around the hills of Elsinore.  That guy handles the big 1150 like it weighed 200 lbs.

Jimmy makes it
look so easy...
Jim tackling the incline And getting tackled Love these shots... Bringing it up the
rest of the way
James cresting the hill Jim on a steep face Did I mention he
makes it look easy?
Looking for traction Big Dave on the DR
Paul zooming up Nice riding valley Overlooking Elsinore   Dave on his 640
  Top of the hill      

After wrapping up the morning ride, it was time to head back over to the track and get ready for the big race.  Carl and Paul were pumped and ready to ride.  In addition to Paul's GS, Ricardo Kuhn was out there on his BMW and another guy had entered a new KTM 950 Adventure S.  It was great to see those big bikes out there; they were clearly the crowd favorites.  

Start of the race
(the arrow is on Paul)
Taking off on the GS Through the streets Carl hitting the pavement Paul pushing heavy iron
Getting the front up On approach... Lofting the GS Getting big air on a 950 That 950 was flying

Then it happened... the most amazing get-off of the entire race.  Yup, you guessed it.  It was our man Motozilla.  When he went down, the crowd went absolutely nuts.  After Paul stood up and raised his arms in the air, the roar of approval from onlookers was deafening.  Luckily, he wasn't seriously injured, but the bike didn't fare as well.  The GS ended up with a bent telelever, bent subframe, seriously dented tank, broken nose assembly and bent engine guard, just to name a few.  But damn, was it worth it. (Incidentally, Ricardo went down almost immediately after Paul.) 

Good launch... hard landing The crowd goes nuts    
The aftermath Check out the guard Another GS racing
that weekend
Carl having a blast Staying in the pack
Pushing the LC4 Nearing the end Another 950 shot The finish! A job well done

Carl ended up being the only racer we knew personally who finished the race.  Considering it was his first race in about 20+ years (on a 300 pound bike, to boot), he had a fantastic run. 

What a weekend...