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Beatin' up on GS's     

As I was sitting there at home, contemplating the honey-do list for the day, my ears perked up when I heard a familiar noise approaching... ah, the sweet sound of a boxer twin. Sure enough, Bruce and Kevin were pulling up my driveway on their GS's. They were heading out on a ride and checked to see if I wanted to join. Looks like the list would have to wait a little longer...

My 950 was in the shop getting the fork seals replaced, so I got ATGATT and fired up the 525. It was a funny site to see my puny little dirt bike riding alongside the big ol' bimmers. 

We headed up Seven Springs road, with the intent to take Table Mesa back over to the highway. With the recent rains, there were a lot of water crossings -- which created quite a few challenging spots on the way.

Bruce hitting a water crossing Cool shot of the crossing Further back  Turned over truck
In the name of VonHexhead Check out the skid marks GS style EXC style

It had been a while since I last rode Table Mesa, so we weren't sure what to expect. It turned out the trail was pretty bad in several spots. There were many times when Kevin had to inch across patches of bowling ball strewn crossings on his 1150. The fact that his bike was shod with Tourances didn't help much, but he did a great job handing the beast. After about the seventh rough crossign, he was getting a little tired and decided to just gun it across. Problem was, he ended up heading stright for the only tree in a five-mile radious. Check out the movie below...

Table Mesa road Pullin' in the GS The first rough crossing  Kevin making it across
Bruce hitting the next one Kevin vs. Tree... Yet another rough crossing Making it across
View from the other direction Spilling the 1150 Little help? Team effort
Crossing on the EXC Ahhhhhh... Drying off almost got away
Burnt landscape The last water crossing Bruce making it through Guiding Kevin across
Made it Those steroids are working Cool shot Survived!

Despite the rough parts, we had a great time beating up on the big bikes. Sure beats the hell out of honey-dos... .